Suspicious Activity

It cannot be denied that we live in an unpredictable world. At times when we should feel completely at ease, we could find ourselves in a dangerous or even a life-or-death situation. This could happen at any time and any place; whether you are watching a movie at the mall, eating in a restaurant, praying in synagogue, shopping at your local supermarket, playing in the park, or even out walking in the street. However, these threats to our daily lives do NOT come without warning. Before an attack is carried out, there are always signs of suspicion. The definition of ‘suspicious’ should be understood as something that is out of context, time, or place for the typical, routine environment. Suspicious activity can be either suspicious objects or suspicious behaviors.

Suspicious Object

A suspicious object is an item of some description that has been placed in a particular location and appears totally out of place in the normal environment. It can be of any size; it can be a bag or container of any description.  It can appear to be new or old; and it can be either by itself or amongst other materials or objects. 

The important signs  include the following:

  • The object is unattended
  • The object would be able to contain something (from the size of a drinks-can and bigger)
  • The object is not normally found in that place, at that time

Observation / Surveillance

A long-lasting or unusual observation of facilities, schools, or infrastructure that goes beyond just casual or job-related interest.

A person asking insistent questions: what is it here? a school? Jewish? How many students? Are there security measures?


Secretly taking photos or videos of people, places, or buildings, like security equipment or personnel, rarely used entrances, or the structure of a building.

Suspicious Behavior

Suspicious behavior can refer to:

  • A person who acts/looks strangely
  • Seems nervous, constantly touching his face
  • Constantly look around him/her
  • Makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Pays special attention to the crowd or an individual
  • Is not dressed in accordance with the climate (it is 40 ° C but she/he wears several layers, coats, sweaters …)

Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you see suspicious activity, report it to local law enforcement or a person of authority.

European Emergency Number: 112